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Before you contact 3dTravelAdvisor support, please consider using our knowledge base as it is very likely that precise answers to your particular queries are already there. If you prefer personal contact please do not hesitate to email our friendly staff. We will be happy to be of assistance.
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Why doesn't a property show in search results despite being free on the required dates?

Grey fields stand for lack of information about availability. It is most likely that the given property owner forgot to activate availability for the period, which means that it is neither blocked nor available. Please note that our automated messages remind owners of the benefits of keeping their calendars updated. What we suggest is that you contact the owner directly, asking them for information about the availability of the required period.

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Do you advertise long term rentals ?

Yes we do. Property owners have an option of providing discounts for long term rentals. If the search result is not satisfactory, simply contact us and we will assist you in a more extensive property search.

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Can I make a booking over the phone?

We do not take bookings over the phone. There are some partial procedures that can take place over the phone but their aim is to either: 

  • speed up the confirmation of the booking request (as in case of booking type: 24h/5 minutes enhancement),
  • help customers with making the right choice of property or
  • provide some extra instructions.

Nevertheless, the final booking procedure is always carried out online by the customer in person.

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What is FIVE minutes booking confirmation enhancement?

This is an enhancement of booking type 24 hours confirmation, which is an optional function activated by some property owners. It means that the owner agrees to accept booking requests during a telephone conversation with the representative of 3dTravelAdvisor within the time-frame specified by owner.

The procedure: What you do is simply make the booking request in 24 hours confirmation mode but also activating 5 minutes confirmation if available. This means that the 24h confirmation booking procedure will be initiated in the first place. However, 3dTravelAdvisor receives an alert to call the property owner with a request to confirm availability of the property. With this parallel action we hope to reach property owners faster than this would normally happen.

In case the answer is affirmative (confirmation is recorded for future reference), 3dTravelAdvisor accepts the booking request. If the telephone is not answered, the booking request is in progress, which means that sooner or later the owner will either accept it or reject it. Following the most probable scenario, the customer receives confirmation of the booking request within 5 minutes of the booking being made.

Please note 5 minutes confirmation is specified by an owner for a specific time-frame, which is usually working hours in a given time zone and thus sometimes is available in the property listing (during the day) and sometimes not (night hours).

Similarly, the confirmation of your booking requests either by owner or 3dTravelAdvisor, gives you 24 hours to make the payment of the booking deposit. If you do not make the payment within 24 hours your booking receives late payment status and thus the owner is not obliged to rent the property to you. Instead you would need to undergo the booking procedure again.

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What is 24 hours booking confirmation?

Upon making a booking request for a property marked as using this booking type, the owner will have 24 hours to make the decision either to ACCEPT or to REJECT your booking request.

Even when the property owner accepts your booking request, you will not be obliged to make the payment of the booking deposit. Instead you will have 24 hours to make your decision as to whether you want to continue and secure your booking with the payment of the booking deposit. This booking type is recommended for travellers who do not need to secure the booking immediately.

If you do not make the payment within 24 hours your booking receives late payment status and thus the owner is not obliged to rent the property to you. If still interested in the property, you would need to undergo the booking procedure again.

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What can I do to lower the rental price?

You can indicate whether a portable bed is acceptable to you so that the search results include smaller (cheaper) apartments that can accommodate more people only with the use of extra portable beds. The use of additional filters will adjust the results so that the listings meet your requirements with higher accuracy.

You may look up the discounts & surcharges tab on the particular property page to find out what are the optimum parameters and available discounts (length of stay, period, number of guests/children) to further lower the final total. Also, many apartments have weekly oriented prices and staying longer than e.g. 3 days will give you a better price-per-day quote. Naturally, many owners increase the price during high season, holiday or even weekends.

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What should I do to see the price of the rental?

To see the price you need to fill in the required fields in the QRS (Quick Rental Search), which are:

  • property type (e.g. city apartment),
  • destination,
  • dates,
  • number of adults,
  • number of children along with their ages (some owners give discounts for children).
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Who am I booking with?

According to contract between 3dTravelAdvisor and the property owner, you are booking directly with the property owner. Although we handle the booking deposit (it goes to our auxiliary account), according to contract between 3dTravelAdvisor and property owner the amount belongs to property owner. Property listing features information about acceptable forms of payment of the remaining balance. Any further arrangements regarding the payment of the remaining balance is an issue between customer and property owner.

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What is my commitment ?

Any enquiries or even booking requests do not oblige you to make the payment. The contract begins upon payment of the booking deposit only. Cancellation of your confirmed booking may or may not have to entail a cancellation fee. To find out if the given property owner charges cancellation fee please go to the property listing and check cancellation fee settings under cancellation charges in the Owner's rules section.

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