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Before you contact 3dTravelAdvisor support, please consider using our knowledge base as it is very likely that precise answers to your particular queries are already there. If you prefer personal contact please do not hesitate to email our friendly staff. We will be happy to be of assistance.
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I cannot remember my username / password - please help

On the login page there is an option of retrieving your password & username information. All you need to remember is your email address. Having forgotten your password / login, you will then get them back in your email.

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Can 3dTravelAdvisor answer questions about the properties?

No. We do not normally inspect the properties and therefore all questions about the property should be directed to the property owner. We understand, however, that most questions come from the need to check the credibility of property owner as well as the quality of the property. To find solutions to these issues we have focused on comprehensive visual presentation of properties, sufficient information, and the reviewing system.

  • Sufficient information

We have designed the administration panel of the property owner so that the most vital information is retrieved from the owner, for the comfort of site users / travellers. We are always open to feedback from customers, in order to make the listing most informative and reliable (in cooperation with property owners).

  • Reliable visual presentation of properties

Secondly, it is our aim to present the properties in the most reliable way. Having this perspective in mind we will gradually have all property owners present properties with virtual walk technology so that site users can make a virtual walk in the property before booking it. As a result, site users will eventually be able to see pictures, 3d presentations and video reportage showing, in addition, property owners themselves.

  • Reviewing system

Our system gives travellers a comprehensive review system. Apart from the standard review section, it allows gives travellers an option to indicate what aspects of the property require technical intervention. This solution allows 3dTravelAdvior monitor the responsiveness of property owners. It is quite probable that we may suspend the listings of owners who neglect their customers, which is mostly done on the basis of reviews and direct contact with the owner. In rare situations we may inspect the properties as well. (As a potential customer of 3dTravelAdvisor you may read the reviews of other people who have stayed in a given property.)

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In what situations should I call 3dTravelAdvisor?

Although our system has been developed with the aim of giving you all you need in the quickest possible quickest, we are more than open to assisting you in your travel plans right from the beginning. 

  • When making plans

If you have any doubts about the property you are to book do not hesitate to contact us. Although we cannot guarantee that we know all properties, we are in regular contact with some property owners, know their properties and sometimes can give you good advice.

  • In case the property owner does not respond to your questions

We may quickly call the owner to find the reason for their lack of response, double check if the email address is correct and motivate them to maintain good standards.

  • The owner neither accepts nor rejects your booking request

If you have placed a booking request which has been neither accepted not rejected within 24 hours we will do our best to contact the owner as well as assist you in making your booking complete.

  • In case you encounter serious problems

For logistical reasons we will only be able to give you our support (knowledge) at destinations where 3dTravelAdvisor has an office.

  • Cancellation of your booking outside the system

In case the property owner cancelled your booking in direct conversation rather than through our system we have no way of knowing that this happened and therefore we cannot initiate the adequate procedures aiming either at refunding you or helping you with finding satisfactory accommodation.

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I have NOT heard from the owner. Should I focus on alternative property?

Regardless of what you are waiting for (confirmation of booking request or the reply to your enquiry) the owner should have replied within 24 hours from your action, at the latest.

Most owners confirm bookings within a few hours during the day or within about 12 hours when the booking has been requested too late in the evening. Also, owners receive email reminders to prompt their reaction. If the booking is not confirmed / email answered within 24h, 3dTravelAdvior is alerted to contact the owner directly to handle the situation. In most cases our intervention helps the maintaining of better standards.

Potential solutions:

  1. Make a few booking requests and choose the most responsive owner.

  2. If you are in a hurry book property marked as using the instant confirmation booking type.

  3. Make a complaint about the owner's responsiveness. We consider complaints to be a form of feedback that allows us to take adequate action in cooperation with property owners.

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Can I provisionally secure the dates without paying a booking deposit?

This is possible only in the case of properties that are marked with booking type 24 hours confirmation. When making a booking request and receiving the acceptance of property owner you will have 24h to make your decision to make the payment of the booking deposit. Although we do not encourage making booking requests without an intention of finalising the bookings, in fact you are not obliged to finalise your accepted booking request. After the 24h period is over, your booking status receives late payment status and the owner will be able free up the dates.

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Can my booking request be accepted much earlier than in 24 h?

We do promote the proactive approach of property owners towards customers by improving their site index. One of the aspects that we pay attention to is email and booking request reaction times. From our experience we know that most owners reply within a few hours if enquiry / booking request arrives by day and about 12 hours if it happens late in the evening.

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What options and requirements does the booking process involve?

During the booking stage you will need to acknowledge all booking details being the result of your search criteria (e.g. number of people, beds, the total, booking deposit, breakage deposit alongside forms of payment).

You will also need to accept the terms and conditions of 3dTravelAdvior and rules of the given property owner. Upon reservation you will be able to purchase extra services (e.g. airport transfer), to be provided either by property owner (if created/activated) or 3dTravelAdvior (if available in the given area).

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How do I make the booking?

The BOOK NOW button will initiate the booking process. Depending on the personal settings of the given property owner you will be able to make the booking in 3 different ways:

  • instant booking confirmation,
  • 24 hours booking confirmation,
  • 24h/5 minutes booking confirmation as an enhancement of booking 24h.

There is more about booking types in the what booking type is best for me? question.

Having completed the booking, you will receive access to your administration panel, designed to bring you comfort as well as to help you arrange your trip, help you avoid unpleasant surprises etc.

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How can I book a property?

Search results

Having provided all required information for the QRS engine (Quick Rental Search) such as dates, number of adults and children, portable beds option, destination and type of property (e.g. city apartment), you will be given search results showing all properties. The sequence of records will reflect the site index, which means that the more effective / professional the property owner is, the higher their position is. All prices shown in records will now refer to your personal settings. Each time you change details in QRS, a new list of appropriate records will be presented. 

Choosing property

You will have at your disposal property photos, 3d walk presentations, reviews and system of filters to narrow down your search results. The price is always provided as a total for accommodation. Check if given owner applies charges for extra services under the extra services tab.

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