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Before you contact 3dTravelAdvisor support, please consider using our knowledge base as it is very likely that precise answers to your particular queries are already there. If you prefer personal contact please do not hesitate to email our friendly staff. We will be happy to be of assistance.
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I've changed my email address since I made a booking; what should I do?

Login to your control panel and click on my details and edit your email address there.

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How can I modify dates after I made a booking request?

You do not modify the previous dates but simply make a new booking request for the desired dates. When making a new booking request, you may want to inform the owner that you have changed your mind and wish to book for the new dates. You are not obliged to do anything with the previous booking request even when it has been accepted. Your commitment starts only after you make the payment of the booking deposit.

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How do I add additional person to existing booking?

Log in to your control panel and click on the modify your stay button.

Procedure: At this stage you will see the list of possible items that can be changed. The items are:

  • number of people,
  • prolonging stay (current nights + more nights at the beginning or at the end of the stay).

Once the changes have been applied you will see a summary presenting current payment figures and the new payment figures as well as the difference between them for you to cover. If you accept the new conditions, the owner will receive your booking request modification. Once accepted you will receive instructions regarding the payment of 15% of the difference to secure your changes. The remaining amount of the difference will be added to the previous remaining balance to be paid directly to owner.

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My arrival details have changed- what should I do now?

To make sure that check-in procedure and potential services are provided to a good standard, you need to log in to your panel as quickly as possible and modify the required info form so that all parties are notified about changes and have enough time to reschedule their actions.

However, if the modification takes place on the day of arrival make sure you not only log in to make changes but also call the property owner to rearrange the check-in time. Following this advice will clearly help avoid possible frustrations or even extra charges if activated (e.g. each hour of waiting for customer).

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How to arrange/modify all issues related to my rental? (check-in, keys, arrival instructions)?

Upon the payment of the booking deposit you will receive contact details of the property owner. Additionally, you will also receive reminders prompting you to provide in your control panel the required information referring to your arrival time, flight number, predicted check-in time etc. A combination of the customer’s and the owner's information will create an integral document we refer to as a Traveller Voucher. This document MUST be printed for your future reference. If you need to modify your arrival details, simply log in to your panel, modify your arrival details and print the voucher again. The owner will automatically be informed about the changes you applied.

The printable voucher will be the formal confirmation of your right to rent the property and will include the following information:

  • check-in time,
  • key collection, 
  • arrival instructions,
  • forms of payment of balance and breakage deposit,
  • telephones numbers,
  • property rules.

Caution! We advise that you consider providing the required information with the utmost diligence as this was designed to avoid a number of difficult issues that can arise when communication between owner and customer is too late or faulty.

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Security Software on your computer.

It is likely you may encounter problems when using our site due to security software installed on your computer such as Zone Alarm. Please note that it may be necessary to lower security settings so that it is possible use our website without problems. Alternatively, you may temporarily disable security software when using our site.

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Is booking a property on 3dTravelAdvisor safe?

Many properties advertised on 3dTravelAdvisor have been personally visited by our representative to verify their existence and enter the contractual agreement with the owner or their representative. We encourage the owners to notify us about any crucial changes concerning the property and to include these in the descriptions provided in the listing.

Though we cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of all descriptions and monitor their changes over time, we may make occasional checks in selected properties and we constantly update the property index, which is a direct result of reviews provided by customers and the professional service provided by the owner.

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Why haven't I got my breakage deposit back yet?

We do not know as we do not take part in arrangements regarding the refund of breakage deposits. The methods of payment of breakage deposit are listed in the property listing. However, if you believe that neglect on the property owner's part has taken place we will do our best to investigate this matter.

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When do I get my breakage deposit back?

Depending on the personal preferences of the given property owner the breakage deposit will be returned to you in the way indicated in the property listing (e.g. in cash upon check-out, refunded to your card after 1 week etc.).

Since 3dTravelAdvisor does not collect breakage deposits, we do not take part in arrangements between customer and property owner in this respect. Should there be some sort of neglect on the owner's site we will do our best to help.

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Why do I see non-standard (higher) breakage deposit in my reservation form?

Due to the fact that some destinations are frequently chosen for organising so called stag/hen night parties, and following the requests of property owners, we have created an option of increasing the amount of breakage deposit for large, same sex groups. It is owners themselves who decide how high the amount is. If the nature of your visit has nothing to do with the above we simply encourage you to let the owner know about it and ask them to give up on this requirement.

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