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Before you contact 3dTravelAdvisor support, please consider using our knowledge base as it is very likely that precise answers to your particular queries are already there. If you prefer personal contact please do not hesitate to email our friendly staff. We will be happy to be of assistance.
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What kind of reviews are offered by 3dTravelAdvisor?

Site users will also see our system reviews (most credible) and two other review types under two tabs which are:

  • invite past guests and
  • other sources reviews.

We have designed the procedure of the invite past guests function so that it is difficult to create fake reviews and thus feel that it can also be trusted.

Other sources reviews are simply uploaded by the owner so we have no way of knowing how credible they are. However, according to our policy we have zero tolerance for property owners who might place fake reviews on our site. Please note that neither invite past guests nor other sources reviews affect the site index of the properties.

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Can I be sure that the reviews are genuine?

Yes, you can be sure of the authenticity of at least one type of review used in our system, which we refer to as 3dSystem Reviews. After the guests leave the property, the write review function appears in the customers' control panel. The access to this function is restricted to customers only and therefore there is no way of creating fake reviews.

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When do I receive the street address and directions to the property?

Once the payment of the booking deposit has been made. Just log in to your panel and refer to the Traveller Voucher.

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How do I cancel a booking?

Log in to your panel and click on the cancel booking button. Please note that the button is “available” only after booking deposit has been paid. As a result, if you wish to cancel your booking before payment of the booking deposit (possible when using booking 24h confirmation only), simply wait and do nothing – the accepted booking request will change its status into payment late and you will not be obliged to go ahead with the booking process. If the given property owner made settings which determine a cancellation fee, they will be applied accordingly. If the settings have not been applied you will not be charged the cancellation fee.

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How do I get the arrival instructions?

If you missed the email with this information please log in to your panel and refer to the Traveller Voucher.

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How do I get the keys for the property?

If you missed the email with this information please log in to your panel and refer to the Traveller Voucher.

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