A word to the wise party animal


Marta Zielińska-Jędo

Contrary to what you may have heard, falling down drunk with your chums, revealing your posterior in all its sweaty glory to complete strangers, harassing waitresses and urinating into beer glasses are not forms of behaviour widely acceptable in Polish society. Poles are far less prone to or tolerant of drunken public exhibitionism than visitors from some countries and some of the scenes played out in the centre of town in recent years – involving a tiny proportion of liberty-taking visitors, it has to be said - have shocked many Krakowians and made lurid front page news in the local press on more than one occasion,

Despite its growing reputation as a party hotspot, Krakow remains a very safe, orderly and surprisingly conservative city. You are unlikely to encounter in town the kind of anti-social atmosphere and casual, mindless, drunken hostility more common in other places, which is undoubtedly a benefit and yet another reason to come and enjoy yourself here; the other side of this coin is that the locals still, on the whole, pride themselves on their respectability and restraint when it comes to matters of public conduct and have become a little uneasy, in particular, about large gangs of stupefied beer monsters swarming around like they own the place. In a nutshell: Krakow is a friendly and hospitable city and a great place to party, but it is not Ibiza. It might be an idea to cut your cloth accordingly.

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