The link between the Wawel chakra and Indian spirituality


Marta Zielińska-Jędo

Wawel Hill is, of course, one of the most famous and important sites of history and culture in Poland. This accounts for the swarms of visitors who fill the place year round. But among the hordes looking for their fix of Polish history lurk a smaller and more obscure group: the searchers after the Wawel chakra – an element of the place seldom mentioned in the guide books. For those who don’t know, in the spiritual and yogic thought of India and China the chakra is part of a powerful energy field which connects all living things. Just as there are seven vital energy point distributed throughout the human body, so are there seven points on the surface of the earth, amounting to a sort of global energy web, where this chakra energy is most concentrated. When the Hindu goddess Shiva cast seven stones across the earth as a gift to mankind they landed, according to tradition, in Rome, Mecca, Delhi, Delphi, Jerusalem, Velehrad (in the Czech Republic) and… what is now Wawel’s courtyard. This makes Wawel one of the most important centres of spiritual power on earth. Not that you’d know it from official Wawel or church history, or the lips of the guides, who are apparently trained to discourage interest in the chakra. Keep your eyes peeled for peculiarly calm looking or blissed-out seekers after truth hugging the wall in the castle courtyard if you want to identify the exact spot.

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