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Shops, markets, malls, souvenir http://outlets...Krakow is full of them. There’s plenty to choose from for the dedicated shopper and souvenir hunter alike, though on the whole it’s fair to say that Krakow is not one of Europe’s shopping hotspots – while the range of goods is wide and includes the usual global brands (especially in the 5? recently built malls dotted around town), you will find these things more competitively priced elsewhere. So it’s best to concentrate on the places selling local things at reasonable prices, of which there are plenty, which are well stocked genuine Krakowian, regional and Polish products. The Sukiennice, or ‘cloth hall’, built in 1555 and smack bang in the middle of the market square, is at the hub of this trade and a good place to shop for amber, linen and many other delights.

You have much more of a chance, though, of finding a genuine bargain at the weekend markets. Kazimierz has two: on Saturday it’s arts and crafts/bric a brac/collectibles and on Sunday morning a cheap (but mostly new) clothes bonanza. Also on Sunday morning there’s a big flea market at Hala Targowa, about ten minutes walk from the Old Town. A visit to this should provide you with just about all the local colour and character you need, and then some; here, haggling will get you everywhere. And let’s not forget the markets at New and Old Kleparz – full of cheap and cheerful food outlets used by local people, but still very central.

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