Back to bygone era

Willing to enjoy the alluring views? Or maybe you are very curious how life looked like many many years ago? Don’t hesitate! Come and visit the Skansen in Nowy Sacz which will satisfy your curiosity.

Skansen in Nowy Sacz


Skansen in Nowy
you want to see what life was like in Poland in
bygone eras
or if you just want to see something truly
picturesque, be
sure to visit the Ethnographic
museum(skansen in Polish) in
Nowy Sacz. This is an
outdoor museum whose mission is to
preserve and promote
rural architecture and traditions, and
which allows
visitors to explore all sorts of fascinating
within a small, bucolic setting. The oldest
date back to the 17th c, while most buildings
date back
to the 19th c. All of the structures come from the
surrounding Nowy Sacz and taken together really do
the atmosphere of a small rural settlement where time
stood still. The centerpiece of the museum is a 17th
nobleman's manor house, where you can see how a
country squire lived a few hundred years ago.


More attractions


There is also a Lemko Orthodox church that was
from an abandoned village and reassembled on the
grounds. There are also farmhouses, peasant
featuring folk art painted glass icons, old
equipment, and a tiny windmill. A recent
addition to the
museum is something called the Galician
Small Town, where a
typical 19th c town from the Galicia
Region has been
recreated, including a town square with
an impressive town

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