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Freshly renovated apartment in the heart of Krakow sleeps six!

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40.00 m2
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If you are looking for a mansion with a sea view, look elsewhere. But if you are planning to stay in the heart of Krakow (3 min walk from the old town) in a cozy and freshly renovated (June 2012) and brightly-lit apartment, do not hesitate to contact us. more »
Rooms Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Other rooms: 1
Available sleeping facilities: Sofas & others: Double: 3,
Distances Market Square - 7 min walk
Airport in Balice - 15 km
Old Town - 0 m
Main Square - 7 min walk
Jewish District - 25 min walk
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  • According to contract between 3dTravelAdvisor and property owner, you are booking directly with the property owner

  • Booking is usually faster if you use the properties that have instant confirmation service. Other options are: 24 Hours Booking Confirmation and 24h / 5 minutes (five Minutes Booking Confirmation as an enhancement of 24h booking confirmation).

  • You can provisionally secure the dates without paying a booking deposit in the 24 hours booking confirmation option.

  • At any time you can contact the owner using the form on this page- however please check if the answers to your queries are not given already by the owner in the property description below.

  • Once you have placed your booking request or made the booking you will immediately receive an automated confirmation to your email account.

  • We use a trusted online payment provider www.dotpay.pl for all our payments. You will be able to use most online payment forms with us.

  • Remember- most owners confirm bookings within a few hours during the day or within about 12 hours when the booking has been requested too late in the evening. However, please contact us if you have not received the answer for longer than 24 hours.

  • If you prefer to make a booking over the phone – please contact with our representative to get the assistance you need.


  • The first payment is the booking deposit and once it has been paid the dates are secured for the customer. The second payment is the outstanding balance which is to be paid directly to property

  • Remember you may be asked to pay a refundable breakage (security) deposit.

The voucher

  • The printable voucher will be the formal confirmation of your right to rent the property and will include the following information: check-in time, key collection, arrival instructions, forms of payment of balance and breakage deposit, telephones numbers, property rules.

Changes and cancellation

  • Changes to the booking may be possible depending on the property availability and the decision of the property owner.

  • Cancellation of your confirmed booking will usually necessitate paying the cancellation fee.

Getting a better deal

  • Try selecting different days (weekends are often more expensive)

  • Try prolonging your stay - this may actually lower your rate per day

  • Include portable beds- property owners normally charge less for them and more apartments will show in the result

  • Try to negotiate a better deal with the owner

  • Remember, you can’t be asked to pay more than is quoted in your voucher. Do check, however, the description of amenities in the property listing for extra charges (e.g. paid Wi-Fi access) . If in doubt contact the owner.

Finding a trustworthy deal

  • All owners are legally bound to provide the service at the standards advertised – please feel free to consult us with any uncertainties.

  • We monitor and evaluate the activity of property owners, the system “knows” how credible property owners are and the result is reflected by Site Index- i.e. the place on the result list.

  • Make sure you read the reviews left by other customers visiting this property – the reviews in the first review tab may only be left by the genuine customers who used our service and stayed in this property.

Your gains from booking with 3dTravelAdvisor

  • Price match guarantee - if you happen to see the same property elsewhere the owner will need to instantly lower the price.

  • Unique property presentations - most properties are presented in virtual walk mode, some have videos.

  • Most accurate information - property & rental tabs on the property page include finely detailed information regarding the property (bed widths, floor, lift, disabled, garage height etc.) and all money issues.

  • Convenience & Safety - you can pay online and your transaction is secured without the necessity to set up the account with the service provider – www.dotpay.pl.

  • Live help - although our service is highly automatised we will happily answer you calls and meet you in our offices to give you all the support you require.

  • Clarity & Efficiency – we designed the process of communication to minimize the risk of faulty communication. You will never again be confused about check-in, money, keys, arrival instructions, owner's rules, emergency situations etc.

  • Quality control – we closely monitor the standards of our service providers, making sure that they are responsive and meet customers’ needs. Those who excel at the above get a higher index on our website and have been favourably assessed by other guests.

  • Speed - depending on the booking type you decide on, the process can be very fast and you can have your chosen apartment securely booked in a matter of minutes.

  • Partner programs – collecting points allows you to get discounts for your and your friends’ future trips. Additionally, we offer a selection of carefully designed hand-made metal, ceramic and embroidery artefacts as unique souvenirs. Selected of these can be purchased on our website.

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