Use of Internet Service Regulations

 I. Preliminary Clauses

  1. Anyone who wishes to take advantage of this internet service is understood to have read and accepted the rules and regulations set out below.

  2. The web page, further referred to as the Service, is an internet page that provides agency services for signing accommodation contracts for rental of properties, further referred to as the Properties, and also for other hotel services. The Service also provides practical information on

  3. The service administrator, further referred to as the Administrator, is Egenius Ltd., with its headquarters in Krakow at ul. Kalwaryjska 19/14. Tax Identification Number (Polish NIP): 679-300-46-15 and Statistical ID (Polish Regon): 120898459 listed in the National Court Register of Companies (Polish KRS) under nr.: 0000324049

  4. Service User is anyone who takes advantage of the use of the Service.

  5. Tenant is anyone who registered with the Service as a Tenant i.e. anyone who intends to use the property booking agency service.

  6. Landlord is anyone who registers with the Service as a Landlord i.e. anyone who intends to take advantage of the property booking agency service.

  7. The Administrator reserves the right to alter, withdraw, suspend or interrupt any function or property of the Service at any time, without giving any notice whatsoever to the Service Users.

  8. These Regulations are not the regulations in the interpretation of Art. 8 of the Act of Parliament dated 18 July 2002, On electronic services (Dz. U., Nr 144, pos. 1204 with further amendments). The content of the Service is not interpreted as ‘commercial information’, in the sense of Art. 2, Section 2 of the same act quoted here.

  9. These Regulations provide general provisions relating to the use of the actual services provided by the Service. In order to be able to take advantage of the agency services for signing property rental contract agreements, it is necessary to accept the Tenants’ Regulations or Landlords’ Regulations.

II. Technical guidelines

In order to be able to use the Service it is necessary to install the web browser software, and possess a mobile telephone and e-mail address.

III. Complaints

  1. The Administrator offers no consumption goods in the understanding of the Act of Parliament of 2 March 2000 On the protection of some consumer rights and responsibility for damage caused by hazardous goods (Dz. U. 2000.22.271 with further amendments), and therefore the provisions of the Act are not applicable to the sales services provided by the Service.

IV. User Responsibility

  1. Users may take advantage of any information available through the Service at their own risk and responsibility.

  2. The use of the Service is restricted by the provisions of Polish law, and the accepted rules of conduct commonly binding to all Internet users, aimed at protecting their interests and any other interests of third parties.

  3. Service Users bear sole responsibility for the application of information found in the Service, and for any decisions made on the basis of such information.

V. Administrator Responsibility

  1. The Administrator bears no responsibility at all for any damage caused by the use of information found in the Service, especially as far as any formats of contractual clauses, contracts, rules and regulations, offers and any other statements or declarations are concerned.

  2. No information published in the Service claims to be tax, legal, financial, insurance or investment consultation, nor is it in any sense an official interpretation of law. All information published in the Service is provided free of charge and is available to all Internet Users.

  3. The Administrator bears no responsibility for any damage caused by the use of services recommended by Administrator in the Service, or those advertised in the Service.

  4. If the Administrator receives any information, which is likely to be true or justified, about any content or material placed in the Service that impinges upon law, or any other justified interests or personality rights of third parties, the Administrator shall promptly undertake action to restore the state of affairs that complies with law, rules of social conduct and customary behaviour.

  5. The Service Administrator does not accept or take responsibility for any damage that arises without his fault, for any software viruses or damage to other property of the User which might result from the access to the Service, use of the Service, viewing the Service or downloading any material published in the Service.

VI. Detailed regulations regarding the comments and opinions section.

  1. The Administrator supervises the moderation of users’ comments and opinions. All related comments should be sent to the Administrator at the following e-mail address nqzva(usv)3qgenirynqivfbe.pbz

  2. The Administrator reserves the right to remove the User Account, without giving any reasons for such action.

  3. The Administrator reserves the right to turn off the comments and opinions options, without notice, and without giving any justification for his action.

  4. The Administrator reserves the right to alter User Profile, especially if such alterations are justified by the way the comments and opinions section operates.

  5. The Administrator reserves the right to move, combine or remove any comment or opinion published in the Service.

  6. The principles of netiquette shall be respected at all times in the comments and opinions section.

  7. All comments should be polite, grammatically and stylistically correct and compliant with the Polish law and social conventions. The following are particularly forbidden:

    • use of expletives, also any expletives in foreign languages;

    • active use of two or more accounts by the same person, or setting a new account to avoid supervision;

    • re-sending comments and opinions that were previously deleted by the Administrator

    • offending other users who publish their comments or opinions with the Service

    • uploading files (including picture files) commonly regarded as offensive or in any sense damaging to the User’s personality rights.

    • publishing advertising or other content suggesting the use of specific services rendered by the competition

    • publishing any links to illegally distributed copyright-protected content.

VII. Technical restrictions

  1. Due to technical limitations, the Administrator cannot guarantee that the information sent to the User via the Internet will reach its destination in a faultless, full and complete form. The Administrator can not guarantee that the Service operations will be break-free, technically faultless, or that the Users will find exactly the information they are searching for.

  2. Conditional on certain legal provisions and these Regulations, the Administrator shall bear no responsibility for any damage caused by faulty operations of the transmission system, including those caused by equipment breakdown, delays or interference with information transmission.

  3. The Administrator cannot guarantee the security of information sent to the Administrator. Therefore any person sending such information shall do it at their own risk and responsibility.

VIII. Copyrights

  1. The arrangement of content in the Service and its elements, such as written materials (comments, articles, feature writing) photographs, graphic material and other are copyright protected. Users who in any way violate the copyrights shall be accountable, pursuant to the provisions of the civil and penal codes and commonly observed legally binding regulations in this area.

  2. Any use of the materials published in the Service for purposes other than personal use is strictly forbidden. Copying, reproduction, the use of such material in other publications in whole or parts is allowed only based on the general principles of press and copyright law, and is permissible only conditional on a clear, written permission obtained from the Administrator, and only based on the terms and conditions specified by the Administrator.

IX. Personal data protection

  1. The Administrator shall collect and process the User’s personal data, only as necessary for processing the User’s orders and for conducting commercial activity and provide services pursuant to the Data Protection Act, of 29 August 1997 (Dz.U. 2001.101.926 with further amendments).

  2. The User’s personal data is stored, according to the provisions of the Data Protection Act, in a database managed by the Administrator. The Users’ personal data is never made available to any third party.

  3. Each User has a right to access, amend or delete their own personal data from the database.

  4. Sending an e-mail to any address specified in the Service is equivalent to the User giving the Administrator consent to receiving commercial information via electronic means, pursuant to the Act On electronically rendered services, of 18 July 2002 (Dz. U. Nr 144, pos.1204 with amendments), and for the use of communications at a distance, based on Art. 6 of the Act dated 2 March 2000 On the protection of some consumer rights and responsibility for damage caused by hazardous products (Dz. U. nr 22 pos. 271 with further amendments), for the purposes exclusively related to the operations of the Service, as defined in these Regulations.

  5. While using the Service web pages, the User accepts that any information sent via e-mail, and other forms of Internet transmissions or via telephone, is not of confidential and can be exposed to deformation, deletion or can be interfered with by third parties.

X. Final provisions

  1. All disputes arising from contractual agreements established via the Service will be settled according to Polish law.

  2. Any dispute relating to the application of these Regulations and Service operations will be settled in the courts local to the Administrator’s headquarters.

  3. The Administrator reserves the right to alter the content of these Regulations. Users shall get acquainted with the alterations without delay, as logging into the Service and any other activity conducted through the Service made after the announcement of alterations is equivalent to the approval of the new content by the User.

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