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About Us

Creators of 3dTravelAdvisor.

“3dTravelAdvisor” – is a new multimedia tourist service designed to promote the attractions of city tourism in Poland. You can book your accommodation and local trips with us, while our ‘Virtual Assistant’ service will help you plan your stay in every detail. 

Before you book your accommodation, the ‘3dTravelAdvisor’ service will guide you through a 3d presentation of your future room or apartment. The service offers accommodation in private apartments and hotels situated in the very centres of Polish cities. It also includes detailed descriptions of accommodation and the facilities on offer with photo galleries, although it is mostly the 3d presentations that will help you see exactly what you will be booking with us.

The service will include a comprehensive database of knowledge about Polish cities - not just the info that you can find everywhere, but insider’s secrets, rarely visited spots and local attractions. We also provide a great deal of practical information for every city we reveal to you. The ‘3dTravelAdvisor’ will take you through Krakow’s nightlife, the best of its restaurants, pubs and bars and, if you ever find the time, there are also cinema, theatre, cultural events and music listings. Our ‘Virtual Assistant’ will make sure that your stay will be entirely planned, just the way you want it.

If you enjoy spending your time visiting historic cities and attractive regions and like to get the flavour of the local atmosphere and find out about how people live in them, the places they go to and things they do, and if – above all - you want to cut down on your research & planning time and make sure that you find the quality that suits you - 3dtraveladvisor is here to help you, exclusively!

The ‘3dTravelAdvisor’ tourist service has been devised by the Krakow based company E-Genius, and has been co-financed with almost one million zloty of European Union funds. 


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